• Forggensee in the Allgäu

    Forggensee in the Allgäu

    Boat trips in the shadow
    of the royal castles
  • The Natural Park region Reutte

    The Natural Park region Reutte

    The sky’s the limit for
    mountain biking & cycle touring
  • Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Bathing fun in the land of lakes
  • Murnau in the Blaues Land

    Murnau in the Blaues Land

    Boat trips on the Kochelsee
  • Murnau in the Blaues Land

    Murnau in the Blaues Land

    Picnics in the Murnauer Moos
  • Nesselwang in the Allgäu

    Nesselwang in the Allgäu

    Alpspitz-Bahn ski resort
  • Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Enjoy the sunset
  • Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Staffelsee in the Blaues Land

    Beautiful lakeland scenery

KönigsCard regions & sites at a glance

Map of locations and regions 2017 KönigsCard location Ohlstadt KönigsCard region Allgäu KönigsCard-Region Tirol KönigsCard region Ammergau Alps KönigsCard region Blaues Land (Blue Country) KönigsCard region Pfaffenwinkel KönigsCard region Oberbayern KönigsCard location Murnau KönigsCard location Seehausen KönigsCard location Uffing KönigsCard location Großweil KönigsCard location Ettal KönigsCard location Oberammergau KönigsCard location Unterammergau KönigsCard location Altenau/Saulgrub/Wurmansau KönigsCard location Bad Kohlgrub KönigsCard location Prem KönigsCard location Steingaden KönigsCard location Bernbeuren KönigsCard location Burggen KönigsCard location Wildsteig KönigsCard location Bad Bayersoien KönigsCard location Rottenbuch KönigsCard location Böbing KönigsCard location Peiting KönigsCard location Schongau KönigsCard location Ingenried KönigsCard location Schwabsoien KönigsCard location Hohenfurch KönigsCard location Hohenpeißenberg KönigsCard location Peißenberg KönigsCard location Wessobrunn KönigsCard location Pähl KönigsCard location Weilheim KönigsCard location Polling KönigsCard location Bernried KönigsCard location Seeshaupt KönigsCard location Iffeldorf KönigsCard location Antdorf KönigsCard location Penzberg KönigsCard location Sindelsdorf KönigsCard location Habach KönigsCard location Reutte KönigsCard location Jungholz KönigsCard location Pfronten KönigsCard location Eisenberg KönigsCard location Hopferau KönigsCard location Füssen KönigsCard location Schwangau KönigsCard location Halblech KönigsCard location Rieden KönigsCard location Roßhaupten KönigsCard location Lechbruck KönigsCard location Seeg KönigsCard location Nesselwang KönigsCard location Oy-Mittelberg KönigsCard location Rückholz KönigsCard location Görisried KönigsCard location Wald KönigsCard location Lengenwang KönigsCard location Stötten KönigsCard location Marktoberdorf KönigsCard location Unterthingau all KönigsCard regions KönigsCard-Ort Altenstadt

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  • KönigsCard region Allgäu


    Where the mountains sprout castles - advertising slogans meet reality. Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Falkenstein, Freyberg and Eisenberg - fortress-like buildings in a lovely landscape set against the Allgäu High Alps. With panoramic views of the Zugspitze and that part of the Allgäu region with the most lakes. The hiking and cycling region connects Lake Constance and the Königssee, and is renowned for outstanding classical music concerts and the Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Hohenschwangau.

    KönigsCard-Place Eisenberg / Allgäu


    Eisenberg consists of 17 villages with many traditional farms and is picturesquely situated at the foot of the wonderfully restored castle ruins of Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg. All around Eisenberg...


    KönigsCard-Place Görisried / Allgäu


    Enjoy nature. With the beautiful Allgäu Alps as backdrop, nestled in a pristine forest and moorland lake landscape, close to the attractions and yet quiet - that is Görisried. Each season has...


    KönigsCard-Place Hopferau / Allgäu


    A fantastic location. In the undulating pre-Alpine landscape of the southern Allgäu, Hopferau offers cyclists and hikers in particular an excellent network of trails. The Lake Constance-Königsee...


    KönigsCard-Place Lengenwang / Allgäu


    Your very own dream holiday. Regardless of the season, Lengenwang offers all the benefits of the Allgäu Alps. Here you will find the ideal conditions for your very own dream holiday. Because, no matter...


    KönigsCard-Place Nesselwang / Allgäu


    A unique location. The climatic health resort of Nesselwang is situated amidst impressive mountain scenery. This lovely place, so typical of the Allgäu, offers nature at its most pristine for you to explore...


    KönigsCard-Place Pfronten / Allgäu


    Moving nature. A holiday in the valley of the 13 villages between lakes, castles and the Allgäu/Tyrolian Alps. Hiking and biking at all altitudes, winter sports, the feel-good factor of Heu Vital, and...


    KönigsCard-Place Roßhaupten / Allgäu


    A wonderful dream setting. Roßhaupten am Forggensee (815 m), only 13 km from the royal castles and located in the Königswinkel region in the foothills of the Ammergau & Allgäu Alps, is an ideal...


    KönigsCard-Place Schwangau / Allgäu


    Welcome to the dream of kings. Schwangau, which lies at altitudes of between 800 and 1730 metres (the Tegelberg with gondola), nestles prettily at the southern end of...


    KönigsCard-Place Stötten at Auerberg / Allgäu

    Stötten am Auerberg

    Experiences of nature for adults and children alike. Stötten am Auerberg consists of 29 villages, hamlets and remote areas, idyllically situated in the magnificent landscape of the Alpine foothills. It is...


    KönigsCard-Place Wald / Allgäu


    Happiness guaranteed. A quaint village, a state-recognised resort with a population of around 1050. We work hard to maintain our local customs, culture and our reputation as a nice place to stop over. And our...


    KönigsCard-Place Füssen / Allgäu


    The romantic soul of Bavaria lies at the junction of the Romantic and German Alpine Roads. The old town combines medieval lanes with Gothic town houses at the foot of the Hohes Schloss. Also on...

    KönigsCard-Places Halblech/Buching/Trauchgau / Allgäu

    Halblech / Buching / Trauchgau

    Discover nature. The Allgäu villages are situated right by the mountains of the Ammergebirge nature conservation area and on the Romantic Road. Nestled in a broad valley with four picturesque lakes...


    KönigsCard-Places Lechbruck am See / Allgäu

    Lechbruck am See

    Beautiful Allgäu at any time of the year. The rafting village is located in the immediate vicinity of the fairytale castles at Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Holidays for every season...


    KönigsCard-Place Marktoberdorf / Allgäu


    A holiday in an idyllic town Marktoberdorf offers you many ways of making your holiday unforgettable. You can, for instance take advantage of clement weather to swim in the...


    KönigsCard-Place Oy-Mittelberg / Allgäu


    Beautiful panoramic views. The Kneipp and climatic spa of Oy-Mittelberg is centrally situated, at altitudes from 800 m to 1,150 m, yet peaceful. The eight idyllic villages in the municipality are situated...


    KönigsCard-Place Rieden at Forggensee / Allgäu

    Rieden am Forggensee

    Everything the holidaymaker’s heart could wish for. Your front row seat in a beautiful location, with its Osterreinen and Dietringen districts, is a gem of the southern Allgäu. Immerse yourself in the...


    KönigsCard-Place Rückholz / Allgäu


    Recreation straight out of the picture book. A pretty village with quiet streets and a spacious playground at its heart offers a child-friendly invitation to come and stay. The breath-taking location...


    KönigsCard-Place Seeg / Allgäu


    Holiday happiness in the country. Picturesque Seeg greets you like a splash of sunlight from a hill in the southern Allgäu. Lush green meadows and the rich colours of blooming farmers’ gardens...


    KönigsCard-Place Unterthingau / Allgäu


    An agriculture-based market community. The market of Unterthingau is located in the scenic foothills of the Ostallgäu. The surroundings of Unterthingau are perfect for hiking; cycling and walking routes...


  • KönigsCard Region Reutte/Tirol

    Tyrol/the natural park region of Reutte and Jungholz

    This area is shaped by the river Lech, whose name is derived from “Licca”, meaning “fast flowing”. That this is one of the most natural and most pristine regions in Central Europe is due to the influence of this river. The wild river landscape with its award-winning trail forms a link between Arlberg and the Allgäu. A natural gem that remains well protected by its status as a nature park. Reutte, the district capital in the state of Tyrol, benefits from protection of a different kind - its castles are visible from afar and bear witness to an eventful past.

    KönigsCard-Place Jungholz / Tirol


    The Tyrolean Pearl in the Allgäu. The Tyrolean enclave surrounded by the neighbouring Allgäu is an enchanting haven of peace away from through traffic. Various wild, infusion and...


    KönigsCard-Place Reutte / Tirol


    Rural charm and urban flair Right behind Schloss Neuschwanstein you will find the “Gateway to Tyrol”. In the midst of an impressive mountain landscape with 5 crystal-clear mountain lakes lies the...


  • KönigsCard Region Ammergauer Alps

    Oberbayern/Ammergau Alps

    These connect the Allgäu, Upper Bavaria and Tyrol. The Ammergebirge and the upper Bavarian Alpine foothills between Oberammergau, Ettal and Murnau resemble their neighbours. But only at first glance. The region’s trademarks are its Alpine moors, rugged and still remote mountain regions, old-style Bavarian villages, fresco painting tradition and genuine Bavarian dialect. Urbane in its painting and passion but with a strong awareness of tradition, between Partnach and Ammer.

    KönigsCard-Places Saulgrub-Altenau-Wurmansau / Ammergauer Alps

    Altenau / Saulgrub / Wurmansau

    Bavarian joie de vivre. In Saulgrub, the Ammergau Alps open up into the foothills of the Alps proper. The landscape is suitable for easy-paced and gentle hiking, for example on the meditative path...


    KönigsCard-Place Bad Kohlgrub / Ammergauer Alps

    Bad Kohlgrub

    Experience nature. The terraced village of Bad Kohlgrub is picturesquely situated at the foot of the Hörnle mountain. Numerous cycling and hiking paths meander through the landscape...

    KönigsCard-Places Oberammergau / Ammergauer Alps


    Culture trail and audio guide. At the foot of Laber and Kofel mountains lies the Passion Play town of Oberammergau. Picturesque views open up here to summit-seekers, whether they be...


    KönigsCard-Place Bad Bayersoien / Ammergauer Alps

    Bad Bayersoien

    Bad Bayersoien is a picturesque gem with an idyllic location on the Soier See. Everything you need for a varied holiday is here - from walks around the lake, hiking and cycling through the foothills...

    KönigsCard-Place Ettal / Ammergauer Alps


    Where faith moves mountains. The dome of the basilica of Ettal Abbey, which towers mightily over the village, and the picturesque Linderhof castle are just two of the highlights of the region...


    KönigsCard-Place Unterammergau / Ammergauer Alps


    Against the breath-taking backdrop of the Ammertal. Unterammergau is the village of whetstone makers. The old craft can be experienced at first hand in the whetstone museum after a walk through...


  • KönigsCard region Blaues Land (Blue Country)

    Oberbayern/Blaues Land (Blue Country)

    They connect the Allgäu, Upper Bavaria and Tyrol. The Ammergebirge and the upper Bavarian Alpine foothills between Oberammergau, Ettal and Murnau resemble their neighbours. But only at first glance. The region’s trademarks are its Alpine moors, rugged and still remote mountain regions, old-style Bavarian villages, fresco painting tradition and genuine Bavarian dialect. Urbane in its painting and passion but with a strong awareness of tradition, between Partnach and Ammer.

    KönigsCard-Place Großweil / Blue Country


    The most important wetlands in southern Germany. On the Loisach between Murnau and Kochel, Großweil nestles in a beautiful landscape with lakes and flower-filled bogs and meadows...


    KönigsCard-Place Ohlstadt / Blue Country


    An idyllic village at the foot of the 1,790-m-high Heimgarten. Mountain climbing, hiking, biking, swimming, rafting and gliding offer a chance to relax in the midst of beautiful nature...


    KönigsCard-Place Uffing / Blue Country


    Water sports in one of the warmest lakes in Bavaria. A rural idyll at the northern tip of the Staffelsee. In addition to its relaxing tranquillity, the village on the Staffelsee offers two beaches and one of the...


    KönigsCard-Place Murnau / Blue Country


    Concerts, tradition, festivals and culinary specialities. The heart of the Blaues Land. A place of artists with flair and a special connection between nature, art and culture. Bordered by the Staffelsee...


    KönigsCard-Place Seehausen / Blue Country

    Seehausen am Staffelsee

    Relax and unwind in a beautiful landscape. The central location on the Staffelsee with its old fishing tradition and a wonderfully preserved townscape. Whatever tickles your fancy, be it swimming, cycling or...


  • KönigsCard region Pfaffenwinkel


    The Pfaffenwinkel region is divided into 34 communities, each with its own charm and unique attractions. The "Osterseen", situated at the south end of lake Starnberg, is a beautiful group of little lakes and part of a uique geological environment. Weilheim and its surroundings with a long and rich history offers a range of shopping opportunities. Schongau with its medieval town centre and the ancient monasteries lies on the Romantic Road. The rural area "Auerbergland" captivates the guests with a spectacular view. The mud and moor health spa of Bad Bayersoien provides an extensive range of health and wellness services that help to escape the everyday life and relax for awhile.

    KönigsCard-Place Altenstadt / Pfaffenwinkel


    Old centre of Schongau, outstanding for its history of art. Papal St Michael's Basilica (1200), Upper Bavaria's only completely preserved Romanesque vaulted basilica with baptismal font...


    KönigsCard-Place Bernbeuren / Pfaffenwinkel


    Magnificent view from the Auerberg mountain of the foothills of the Alps. Feuerstein Gorge. The rococo church of St Nikolaus and St George's Church on the Auerberg... 


    KönigsCard-Place Böbing / Pfaffenwinkel


    Beautiful mountains location, an officially recognised holiday resort. Ceiling paintings in St George's Parish Church, plague cemetery. Ammer Valley Nature Conservation Area... 


    KönigsCard-Place Habach / Pfaffenwinkel


    One of the oldest villages in Bavaria, mainly small organic farms. Hohe Lüss hiking area. Former monastery church of St Ulrich with fine altars and good stucco work... 


    KönigsCard-Place Hohenpeissenberg / Pfaffenwinkel


    Brilliant panoramic view in all directions from the Hoher Peißenberg (988 m). Former mining village, hiking paths from tunnel to tunnel. Ceiling painting by Matthäus Günther and... 


    KönigsCard-Place Ingenried / Pfaffenwinkel


    Small scattered settlements, a wooded municipality area. Wonderful baroque church built in 1745 by Dominikus Zimmermann, the famous architect of the Wieskirche. Opportunity...


    KönigsCard-Place Peissenberg / Pfaffenwinkel


    Former coal mining town on the River Ammer. Maria Aich Pilgrimage Church (Schmuzer/Günther). Rare gothic fresco cycle from the St George legend in St George's Chapel. Miners Memorial...


    KönigsCard-Place Penzberg / Pfaffenwinkel


    Former coal mining town, Mining Museum, Municipal Museum. Baroque altar in the St Johannisrain's Church. Berghalde Recreation Area with a chance to hang glide. Opportunites... 


    KönigsCard-Place Prem / Pfaffenwinkel


    Old raftsmen's village. Prem Lech Lake with power station. Lechaue Nature Park with place for barbecuing, playground, Kneipp (hydrotherapy) facilities, bowling, table tennis, boccia alley and...


    KönigsCard-Place Schongau / Pfaffenwinkel


    Medieval atmosphere, town wall with sentries' walk along the battlements. Mary Fountain, former bale house, the baroque Church of the Assumption (Mariae Himmelfahrt, D Zimmermann)...


    KönigsCard-Place Seeshaupt / Pfaffenwinkel


    599 metres above sea level, population 2975. An officially recognised holiday resort, right beside the water. Pretty chapel in Seeseiten. The Church of the Assumption...


    KönigsCard-Place Steingaden / Pfaffenwinkel


    Sheer relaxation and rest. World-famous Wies Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a late work of the Brothers Zimmermann. Finest rococo stucco work in the Pilgrimage Chapel of the... 


    KönigsCard-Place Wessobrunn / Pfaffenwinkel


    Formerly a Benedictine monastery. Prince's Wing, staircase and Tassilo Room with rich stucco decorations. Home of the Wessobrunn stucco workers. Commemorative stone with...


    KönigsCard-Place Antdorf / Pfaffenwinkel


    Wessobrunn stucco in the Parish Church of Sts Peter and Paul, Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption (Mariä Himmelfahrt) in Frauenrain. Opportunity for swimming: Osterseen lakes 3 km...

    KönigsCard-Place Bernried / Pfaffenwinkel


    Idyllic spot for relaxing, right by the lake. Picturesque centre with old farmers' and fishermen's houses. Stucco pulpit and gothic Mother of God in the Hofmark's Church of the Ascension...


    KönigsCard-Place Burggen / Pfaffenwinkel


    Old farmsteads, Wooden coffered ceiling in the former St Anna's Pilgrimage Church (1674), St Stephan's Parish Church (18th century). River Lech in the Litzauer Schleife Nature Conservation Area...


    KönigsCard-Place Hohenfurch / Pfaffenwinkel


    An unspoilt village. Stucco pulpit and gothic Virgin Mary in the Parish Church of the Assumption (Mariä Himmelfahrt). Late gothic St Ursula's Chapel. Wonderful view from Schwalbenstein...


    KönigsCard-Place Iffeldorf / Pfaffenwinkel


    The most important wetlands in southern Germany. On the Loisach between Murnau and Kochel, Großweil nestles in a beautiful landscape with lakes and flower-filled bogs and meadows...


    KönigsCard-Place Pähl / Pfaffenwinkel


    A tranquil village, district of Fischen on the southern bank of Lake Ammer. St Laurentius' Parish Church, a late baroque building (1734) by J Schmuzer, fresco by J Bader. Nagelfluh gorge with waterfall... 


    KönigsCard-Place Peiting / Pfaffenwinkel


    An officially recognised holiday resort with good, traditional cooking, won an award for family-friendliness. Gothic choir and crypt in St Michael's Parish Church with a Romanesque...


    KönigsCard-Place Polling / Pfaffenwinkel


    Monastery village with former Augustine collegiate foundation. Splendid stucco work in the gothic collegiate church, magnificent former library room (only by prior arrangement), refectory... 


    KönigsCard-Place Rottenbuch / Pfaffenwinkel


    Wonderful former Augustine collegiate church with ceiling and arcade paintings. Echelsbach Bridge across the Ammer Gorge. Germany's largest draught foal market. White-water... 


    KönigsCard-Place Schwabsoien / Pfaffenwinkel


    Lovely hiking path along the Schönach, past mills that are still working and historical hammer mills. In Schwabsoien neo-classical St Stefan's Parish Church, in Sachsenried...


    KönigsCard-Place Sindelsdorf / Pfaffenwinkel


    Place where the painter Franz Marc, a member of the Blauer Reiter circle, worked (museum in Kochel, etc). Lake Kochel Alpine Marshland Nature Conservation Area... 


    KönigsCard-Place Weilheim / Pfaffenwinkel


    An enterprising county town with a medieval townscape, nice quiet pedestrian precinct with a lot of shops and the town's Parish Church of the Assumption (Mariae Himmelfahrt). Pfaffenwinkel Museum...


    KönigsCard-Place Wildsteig / Pfaffenwinkel


    Mountain farming municipality at the foot of the Trauch Mountains. Ammer Gorge Nature Conservation Area with cararacts. Wessobrunn stucco in the parish church. Opportunity...