• KönigsCard – archery, ropes course and more INCLUDED!

    KönigsCard – archery, ropes course and more INCLUDED!

    Leisure pure fun! Thank you!
    Lara and Sven from Bamberg
  • Peak experiences in a boundless landscape

    The recipe

    Where Upper Bavaria and the Allgäu meet to join up with Tyrol, 
differences complement each other to become strengths, and of one thing you can be sure:

    ...this is the country of the KönigsCard.

    Three areas with distinct cultural identities, which contribute influences from the Allgäu, Upper Bavaria and Tyrol, show their true colours as a top tourist, cultural and sporting region for fantastic holiday experiences all year round.

  • The ingredients

    Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, countless impressively high peaks, 47 mountain and moorland lakes, three royal castles, the UNESCO world heritage Wies pilgrimage church, Ettal Abbey, countless castles and ruins, two mountain rivers and a thousand different leisure activities are all waiting to be discovered again and again.

    Reutte, the Gateway to Tyrol, brings with it a natural feature of international significance - the Lech Nature Park. One of the last wild rivers in Europe refuses to be tamed until it reaches the border with the Ostallgäu. From here the palace at Linderhof is just a stone's throw away.

    Further east, the Ammer near the Wieskirche splashes away merrily through the Ammergau Alps, forming mossy cascades in the Schleier Falls. Further upstream, fringed by moors and mosses, it comes to a place whose very existence is defined to this day by the Passion of Christ - Oberammergau. From there the route which leads from Ettal Abbey and the Plansee with its mountainous border down to the Tyrolean border rounds off the cultural and natural highlights to perfection.

  • The result

    Here, life flowers in all its diverse colours throughout the spring, summer and autumn. What is revealed is a colourful natural landscape, which is reflected in sporting activities and the shooting forth of the brightly coloured buds of a diverse cultural life.

    Along the East Allgäu bathing lakes, in the Alpine foothills and across all the Alpine uplands, touring, racing and mountain bikes all enjoy the absolute freedom of well-marked and guided routes. Each of the towns and cities has its own individual character, and the paths and routes are fringed with cultural highlights.

    The rural landscape so lovingly maintained by farmers, playful frescoes and lovingly crafted balconies full of geraniums create an irresistible blend. Classical concerts on Neuschwanstein, sacred moments in the pilgrimage church of Wies and contemporary art in the Festspielhaus of Füssen offer a wide range of activities for culture vultures. Examples of nature’s bounty nestle entrancingly between patches of woodland and lakes, hidden in the moorland and velvety expanses of Ice Age history, on the way to the distinctive peaks of the Alps and the wild river landscape of the Lech floodplains with all their biological diversity.

    The age of knights and princes lives on in the region in its well restored historical sites and museums. A kingly ambience pervades the wonderful Königswinkel and the tucked-away Graswangeltal. What with boating on the Plansee, rafting on the river Lech, summer toboggan runs and elevated rope walkways, family holidays become child's play.

  • Opening the curtain to white in all its nuances

    The snow brings quiet to the noisy world and wraps the region up in a white dress. A fact that gets the pulses of many a holidaymaker racing for the winter season.

    Edges become sharper, the landscape grows more expansive and the potential for encounters with nature and options for exercise are virtually limitless. While horse-drawn sleighs follow serenely in royal footsteps and natural toboggan runs ring to the sound of joyous laughter, carefully maintained and groomed winter hiking paths offer incomparable views: down in the valley, against the majestic backdrop of the Alps and, high above, with direct views of the Zugspitze, with fantastic panoramic views wherever you look.

    Comfortable lifts allow hikers, sledders, skiers and snowboarders to relax and enjoy the ride. Slopes, fun parks and freeride routes are more numerous than the days of holiday available to enjoy them; snow is guaranteed everywhere, as is rest and recuperation in the fresh, crisp mountain air. Nordic walkers do their own thing in striking distance of the valley: classic, freestyle or just with sticks. And if you just want to be alone, you can seek out your own personal destination in complete seclusion on snowshoes and touring skis between the Ammergau, Allgäu and Lech Valley Alps. Anyone seeking their private paradise in the water has the pleasure of being able to choose between giant slides, family leisure pools and relaxing spa and sauna landscapes.